Real Winners for 2012? Farmers!

We all know there is a tremendous amount of money spent by the dealer body to advertise their dealership and all the services and products sold. Some of this advertisement is not accounted for because of poor tracking and other parts of it are sometimes used to “keep their name out there.”

With all of my valued clients around the country, I continue to ask the decision makers in each department to look for the potential employee who can become a “farmer” more than a “hunter”. With many of the opportunities each dealer has in regards to previous clients, service clients, and lease term ending clients, the real chance to improve dealer income is to start farming versus looking for the quick fix in hunting.

In my travels, I have uncovered a few farmers in the midst, and they universally are at the top of their department in revenue dollars. Why? They have learned the art of staying in touch with clients in different ways, and always being a topic of the client’s dinner table when they speak of cars.

Many employees today do not have a plan, and those that do, may not have the expertise to really follow up in the right way. My hope is that management in general will applaud and embrace this opportunity with each employee.

Let the farming begin!