Looking for a Hero in the Dealership

I have been fortunate enough to meet several thousand salespeople at dealerships who are trying to make a living selling vehicles. In the start of the conversation, I ask them what is their goal for sales. Almost 100% give me numbers and dollars they have in mind. Right after that, I ask them if they could show me a plan of how they will accomplish this. I count on my hands how many have a real plan that is well thought out to achieve their goals.

In 2012 and beyond, every dealership is looking for a hero to lead their sales team. Too many employees today are struggling with success and becoming what the dealership & they both feel they should be. Many of these employees may not understand goal setting, and working on a plan.

Unfortunately, most managers are not “in tune” with the employee’s goals, and struggles along the way. The management staff at any dealership can be very busy with all they have on their plate. There are many managers I have met who are really good at many items in their job description. Assisting their employees from the moment of hiring them with setting goals, and also achieving them is one of many ways to build a relationship, and assist in both of their incomes.

I suggest the following actions:
a) Have a list of items on their normal job description, and ask the employee how they would rate themselves on each one of these areas. (We need to know what they think.)
b) Have your information filled out and discuss both opinions.
c) Show the employee methodology behind goal setting
d) Have a mechanism you want to use in tracking/trending their successes and opportunities
e) Make a plan with the employee to discuss this weekly with them
f) Make sure to celebrate successes with them at the end of the month. (Every step towards the goal is a success.)

Management as we know it must move away from just working a deal, and talking with a client on the turn. It now encompasses so much more in regards to working with your employee when they are not with a client. Building their confidence, celebrating successes, and working with them daily on their work will improve an employee who is wanting to succeed.