Customer Handouts

Marketing and Customer Hand-outs

Dealerships are visual places. Customers are there for the sensory experience of seeing, touching, and experiencing a product first hand. In order to make the most of these moments, we have an in-house design team to create visual reminders and clues to grab the attention of every customer. We make anything from handouts and flyers to thank you cards, posters, signs, and banners.

Here are just a few examples of the handouts, flyers, brochures, and signs that we’ve had created for our clients. See something you like, or have an idea of something that you’d like customized by our design team? Let us know! We’re happy to work with you to create the perfect visual for your company.


Honda Brochures Together


Customer Education

How often should I get my tires rotated? Do I need new tires? Does this dealership have options to lease? Why should I lease here? Who’s my service advisor?

Don’t leave your customers in the dark with their important questions. There are many opportunities that go to waste when customers don’t have the information they need at their fingertips. We provide high-quality materials that outline dealership services as well as various pieces of information that help to create trust and understanding with the customer.

Interested in adding something special to your marketing? Contact us at, or connect with us through our contact page.

Leasing Sales Advisor Mat

With a Leasing Sales Advisor Mat on each desk in the showroom, a customer can feel informed and welcomed.

Sales Advisor Leasing Mat desk

Sales Advisor Leasing Mat desk


Acura Care Vehicle Service Contract

Acura Care Vehicle Service Contract signs work great in the Finance offices to illustrate how much each individual part of the car would cost to replace without a warranty to cover it.


Tire Wear Sign

Tire signs can be customized to fit on a desk, or cover an entire wall.

Employee Training

Improperly trained employees are one of the biggest drivers of car dealerships’ already high turnover rate.  Keith Brewer Consulting provides engaging, thoughtful guides for employees at every level of experience within the industry. This includes on-boarding and new-hire guides, the latest and most up-to-date product knowledge guides and flashcards, and best practices for sales, service, parts, and cashier departments. Give your employees the right tools for every job.

training guides and manuals