Living off a Hope & a Prayer

Living Off a Hope & a Prayer

When the reporter put their microphone in front of me and asked me what the salesperson of 2013 would look like, I was nervous about trying to think of all the great things I would say about them…….It was 1985 and as a young salesperson, I didn’t have a clue. I would have said they would be so much more smarter, have more tools in their toolbox, more follow-up actions, and making more money.  As I would wipe off my brow from the perspiration, and nervousness, I am sure I would be wishing I could be them during that time………..Finally I awake from my day dreaming and realize it is 2013 & things are not what I hoped!

I stand in front of individuals or groups of salespeople trying very hard to give them tools, and ideas about how they are going to succeed. In looking into their eyes I am hoping they use some of those, and end up making a great living for their families. More than not are not succeeding in making enough income to pay their bills much less move into a new neighborhood.

Why? They are not willing to be more organized, invest in their business time and money wise, and tend to listen to other teammates who are having a good time making no money. When I ask them what is in their business or what is their plan, they don’t really have an answer….they are living off a hope & a prayer.

Here are some thoughts about what they may could do to make their business better:

a) Decide to commit the time, money, and develop a plan over the next 5-10 years of being a salesperson

b) Find their “Buckets” to pull clients from besides waiting on the small amount of ups coming in the door.–Clubs, Businesses, Friends & Family, Service Department, Credit Unions, Neighborhoods They Live In………..

c) Know the product, and competition better than anyone in the dealership–use this in doing world class walk arounds, and demonstrations


There are many steps/actions to take in improving one’s business, but I am wanting the salesperson of 2013 to start somewhere. Somewhere!

We know that business is good for many of the manufacturer’s today. When I leave a group of dealership personnel that are struggling to pay their bills for the day to catch a plane, I sit on the plane, have a glass of sparkling water, and think/hope they will start somewhere…….improve their lives & their family’s lives.

I remind salespeople that they are “Business Owners” under the header of the dealership name.  Operating a great business takes hard work. Are you committed today to be that great business owner.