Build a Culture and You Win!

Many dealerships today are focused on the quick fixes that will improve car deals and attract clients to service. What they are not recognizing is this is the end game not the beginning of what steps should happen to reach their goal. Have you checked your culture in your store lately?

Many people in General Management positions that come into a new environment are also making these mistakes in getting things started. Here are some suggestions for making the transition:

1) Get a list of all employees in the store with their names, position, Training accolades, and years at the dealership.

2) Schedule all employees one at a time to meet with you for 15 minutes. Have a scribe there to take notes.

3) Ask questions, listen, and find out their backgrounds. Then ask two questions:

a) What idea do they have that would drive more business to the dealership or create employee satisfaction

b) Is there any road blocks keeping them from doing their job 100%

The best Dealer I have had an opportunity to meet out of hundreds spends his early morning each day on his drive, talking with employees, making sure their families are doing well, and focused on listening. By the way, he also parks in the back of the dealership not in a designated space. He does not have any appointments until 9 am so he spends an hour or more with the employees.

General Managers coming into a new store if they would follow my suggestions above would have 100 new ideas on improving business from 100 employees before they make any changes or adjustments. Free information from people pulling the train! What a concept………….ideas spur growth, and get employees involved….when is the last time you did this as a leader?